Elete Water

Natural electrolytes from the Great Salt Lake

For more than 40 years, the Anderson family has dedicated its time and resources to providing the highest quality nutritional mineral supplements using minerals and trace elements from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. In an industry dominated by conglomerates and big businesses, the fact that Mineral Resources International is a family-owned and operated business caught our interest when we met them at Interbike some years ago. What became clear was that they don’t take any shortcuts in concentrating and harvesting the minerals which are made with all-natural, solar concentration. It generally takes well in excess of 100 gallons of Great Salt Lake water to make even a single gallon of MRI’s premium and most-desired mineral concentrate.  While their methods may be more difficult, time-consuming, less cost effective by some standards, the results are what the family believes to be the finest all-natural mineral and trace element product crafted by nature that truly captures the essence of “all natural” in a way that other mineral products and ingredients can’t come close to touching. Elete Water is a line of electrolyte supplements which M.R.I have developed for the sport and leisure market. Elete Water is available in concentrated liquid form for dilution and in an astonishingly concentrated tablet form.

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