Bike Medicine

Advanced technologies from industry

The world’s most advanced bike chain lubricant manufactured by Bike Medicine, matched with a potent biodegradable degreaser. Made in the USA.

-     Purple extreme was originally formulated to protect drive chains in the mining industry and on offshore oil rigs.
-     The extreme pressure properties of Purple Extreme greatly reduce wear and effectively extend equipment life.
-     Contains Synerlec® which actually improves metal surfaces.
-     Purple Extreme can lubricate up to 400°F and all the way down to -100°F
-     Sourced in Houston, U.S.A from Bike Medicine.

Purple Extreme is the world’s most advanced bicycle chain lubricant with a Timken pressure rating of over 90. Timken is an indication of how well a lubricant keeps two metal surfaces apart from each other and this reading is high… no other bicycle chain lubricant has ever exhibited film strength remotely close to Purple Extreme. It penetrates easily, collects very little dirt, stays in place and is suitable for all year use.

Golden Degreaser is the industrial strength non-poisonous, ultra fast working and bio-degradable companion for Purple Extreme lubricant.

* For greater depth product information please visit the Bike Medicine website.

At Fine-adc, we are working on a new website dedicated to Purple Extreme and aim to have this live and on-line in February 2017.